Archivedbook is closing on April 30, 2015 :/

Due to upcoming changes to the Facebook Platform, applications and websites loading users' posts through Facebook Login will be rejected by Facebook starting April 30, 2015. That means Archivedbook will completely stop working on that day.

As many of you have noticed recently, Archivedbook was not able to display every posts and accurate Like counters anymore. These could have technically been fixed, but my full-time job prevented me to find time to do proper maintenance and adding new features. Sincere apologies for that.

That’s always a little sad to close a website after 5 years, 6 millions of page views, 35.000 likes and great feedback from you dear users, but I think it’s time for me to move onto new adventures!

Finally, if some of you still feel the need to regularly read what you posted on social networks many years ago, I strongly recommend Timehop, a truly fantastic app where you can see your posts and photos from this exact day in history, not only on Facebook but also on Twitter, Foursquare and many other services.

Disclaimer: I am not related at all with those guys and they did not even pay me to say that (though they should).

Thanks everyone and goodbye!

Greg, creator of Archivedbook