Unfortunately, Archivedbook will definitely stop working on April 30, 2015. Read here why.


Why it doesn't work?

Archivedbook should work on Internet Explorer 9+ and recent versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are not fully supported. If you don't know which browser you are using, check that site.

Also, some browser extensions (also called "plugins" or "addons") could interfere with Archivedbook. Those are mostly the ones that disable Facebook buttons or share widgets. Please disable them before using Archivedbook.

Confirmed extensions blocking Archivedbook:
ShareMeNot, Disconnect

If problem persists, contact us on Facebook or by email.

Why can't I see ALL my history since I joined?

Unfortunately, Facebook controls how far it allows third-party applications (like Archivedbook) to retrieve profile items. There is no rule and everything seems pretty opaque and arbitrary. For instance, one day it will get all your past events, on the next day, only the ones for the current month.

However, there is still hope. You can read all your status updates since you joined Facebook by upgrading your profile to Timeline and then checking your Activity Log.

You can also request to download your Facebook profile information.

Is there a way to search into items?
Not at the moment. But probably soon!
Can it load comments?
Idem. That would be a nice feature that could be added in a near future.
Does it work with Facebook Pages and Groups?
Yes! In your browser's address bar, just replace "www.facebook.com" by "archivedbook.com". This is not an official feature and doesn't work efficiently (yet) on pages with more than thousands of posts.
Can it look for comments I made on other pages? Delete my posts? Retrieve posts I deleted? Look into memorialized accounts?
Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide those features to third-party applications thus Archivedbook can't technically provide them.
Can it look into messages?
Since the inbox works already well enough on facebook.com, that feature is not needed on Archivedbook at the moment.
What the point of Archivedbook now that Facebook introduced Timeline?

Archivedbook was displaying posts from the past way before Facebook made it cool with Timeline! Also, Archivedbook displays items in chronologic order, and provides some useful filters and sort options.

Archivedbook will also evolve and you can expect some new features to differentiate itself and help you remembering your Facebook past.

How Archivedbook is secure?

Obviously, since you will authenticate on facebook.com, your email and password are not sent to Archivedbook.

Likewise, all data is sent from Facebook's servers straight to your browser, without transiting through Archivedbook's servers. You can also disconnect Archivedbook from your Facebook account at any time.

The secure version of Archivedbook can also encrypt all communications between your computer and Facebook, by using that address: https://archivedbook.com (notice the 's' in https)

How to contact you?
By email at contact@archivedbook.com, on the Facebook Page or on Twitter. Don't hesitate to send any feedback or suggestions. They are always welcome!
Who made Archivedbook?
A French guy living in Tokyo, Japan.