Unfortunately, Archivedbook will definitely stop working on April 30, 2015. Read here why.


Remember your and your friends’ Facebook profile history

Free, easy, safe, no sign-up

With Archivedbook you get all the following, on one simple and easy-to-read page.

  • All messages posted on your wall

    Remember all the messages your friends posted on your wall since you joined Facebook: welcome messages, birthday wishes, messages from your past significant others…
  • All places you checked in

    Get your complete check-in history: places you’ve been or have been tagged in, people tagged with you, and Google Maps preview.
  • Status updates

    Like everyone, you probably have accumulated a lot of embarassing statuses. It’s still fun to remember them though.
  • Links you posted

    Cannot find that funny site or video you posted on your profile years ago? Or the stupid memes everyone already forgot? Now you can.
  • Medias you’ve been tagged in

    An historical view of all photos and videos your friends tagged you into. Review them and untag yourself if you appear to be naked.
  • Comment and like counts

    Almost each item displays like and comment counters. And with the sorting options, you can also find your most liked or most commented posts.
  • Check any item on Facebook

    Want to like, comment or delete some old item? Or reading all its comments? Each item features a direct link to its equivalent on Facebook.
  • Read your friends’ profile history

    If you feel like stalking your friends, you can also read their own Facebook history: statuses, wall messages from their ex, all their check-ins…